Lenses For Sunglasses


Polarized lenses help to reduce bright light and cut out reflected glare. This is the perfect lens for anyone who spends time boating on the water,   snow skiing/snowboarding, or   is simply bothered by the glare that is reflected off the hoods of cars, ice and snow. So if you like to spend a lot of times outdoors, be sure to check out our vast array of polarized sunglass lenses here at Orillia Eyewear.

Transition Lenses

These lenses change colour and darken when you go outside thereby giving you the convenience of wearing one pair of glasses that functions both indoors and outdoors. There are tiny crystals inside these lenses that react to  exposure to the ultraviolet ( UV)  light outside, and will turn from a clear lens to a dark sunglass in a matter of   seconds. But don’t worry, when the day is cloudy, these lenses will tint only to a medium-depth tint, but will still protect your eyes from any light sensitivity and UV rays. This lens treatment works best for walking around, casual sport players, children, and anyone with sensitive eyes. However, this material will not work as well while driving in a car (due to the UV protection offered by our windshields).


     You can pick out a beautiful pair of sunglasses from our stock here at Orillia Eyewear and keep your lenses as is, or you can customize them by getting an original tint that will give your shades a unique edge. Our highly skilled lab can customize your sunglass lens with a tint to best meet your needs.

UV Filter

     All of our sunglasses come equipped with a clear UV400 filter that protects your eyes against the entire UV spectrum of light. This filter is the best way to protect your eyes from UV damage which can lead to early cataracts, macular degeneration, as well as other adverse eye conditions.

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